Neena Gupta says she wanted Masaba’s father to be with her when she was growing up

Mumbai: Actress Neena Gupta has been by means of numerous struggles as a single mom in her youthful days. During a candid chat on the brand new season of ‘Raising Parents with Mansi Zaveri’, a weekly podcast on Saavn, Neena shared her preliminary days of citing her daughter Masaba as a toddler.

She mentioned, “I wanted a nice family, wanted my child’s father to be with her…wanted the child’s father’s relatives to be with us. But everybody makes their decisions…when you are young you do certain things. Parents constantly tell you that the future will be like this. But you don’t listen. I also didn’t listen, Masaba also didn’t listen. Nobody listens at that age.”

“But, I feel over strictness is very bad from the parent`s side – which my mother did which made me kind of run away and rebel. On managing all by herself after the child,” she added.

The actress shared the difficulties she confronted to deliver up Masaba as a toddler. “It was very tough, I did not have the luxury of time. Sometimes not even comfort. I used to leave in the morning, come back late at night, leave in the morning again, come back late at night. So it was a very tough time but I think all women have done it, whether they are married or not married you know.”

Talking about Masaba`s qualities, she mentioned, “She is very honest with herself, that I can vouch for. She is very good to her staff which I really appreciate because I have seen kids who are rude. So she has some very good qualities of which I am very proud of.”

Neena Gupta was final seen in ‘Dial 100’.


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