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PSSSB Clerk IT Syllabus 2021 (ICT- Computer Knowledge)

  • Fundamentals of Computer: Basic of Computers, Network and Internet, Email, Use of Office Productivity tolls like phrases, Spreadsheet and presentation, Operating System:
  • DBMS: DBMS, RDBMS, Characteristics, of DBMS, Architecture of DBMS and Data Independence, CODD, Rules, Data Modelling, ER Model, Keys Primary, Relational Data Model Concepts and constraints, Foreign Candidate, and so on. SQL – DDL, DML, DCL Command. Queries and views, indexes and constraints, normalization – 1NF, 2NF, 3 NF, 4 NF, BCNF, 5 NF. Transaction, Concurrency management and restoration methods. NoSQL Databases.
  • Computer Organization: Boolean Algebra, Digital Logic, Ok-Maps, Flip Flops, Combination Circuit Adders, Multiplexers, De-multiplexers, Sequential Circuit, Computer System, reminiscences, course of group, IO Organization, instruction format, management unit, multiprocessing and multi-core computer systems.
  • Data Structure: Data Structure, Time and area complexity, Data varieties, hyperlink record and its operations like insert, delete and so on. Double & Circular linked record and their operations, stack and its operation (Push and Pop), infix to put up repair conversion, infix/ postfix analysis, queues and their operation, arry and its illustration, sorting algorithms, looking algorithm: binary, linear, and so on. Trees and Their illustration. Properties of timber, binary tree.
  • Programming Skills: Basics of Problem Solving, Providing answer to downside utilizing flowchart, algorithm and pseudocode.
  • C Programming: Basic of C, Data varieties, variables and their scope, storage lessons, I/O operations, operators, looping buildings, management buildings, array, strings, features, pointers, enum, struct, reminiscence, administration, union, file dealing with.

Note: Syllabus for Reaming for Five Section is Same.

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