T20 World Cup 2021: England to join West Indies in ‘taking the knee’ before game

England gamers had additionally lent their help to the Black Lives Matter motion within the residence sequence in opposition to West Indies final 12 months. Asked why England could be taking the knee together with the West Indies and never in different video games, skipper Eoin Morgan stated all gamers really feel strongly concerning the trigger.

“No, I think there are two different points to that. Tomorrow we’ll join the West Indies in taking a knee to show our support in the fight against racism,” Morgan stated within the pre-match media interplay. “The second part of it is we’ve always felt that we need something that within our squad and our side that we feel a part of making a change, both locally and nationally and potentially globally.”

Explaining the rationale behind the transfer, Morgan stated, “Our moment of unity we have had at home for quite a period of time has been our piece of cultural development, education, raising awareness within that space, as well, and it’s worked for us, and it’s progressing nicely and guys are engaged and want to do more. Unfortunately during this tournament, we’re not able to do that. If we could do that every game, we would. But yeah, we’re more than happy to take a knee tomorrow.”

England had a heartbreak in opposition to the West Indies in 2016 closing held in India. Morgan insisted they aren’t carrying any scars from that sport. “I think some of the biggest disappointments in any career are more learnings than scars. If there were scars we would have lost a lot of players that wouldn’t have progressed like they have done over the last four or five years throughout their careers, I think the development of the side has, I suppose, reinforced that any time we’ve come up against a side that has beaten us in whatever fashion they have, we’ve always looked to learn and progress and become a better side.”added the England skipper.

Morgan, who led England to the 2019 ODI World Cup title, was additionally requested about emulating former India skipper MS Dhoni who guided his group to each T20 and World Cup trophies. Under Dhoni, India additionally gained the 2013 Champions Trophy.

“I think as much as it would to everybody else within the squad. I think the passion and determination or ambition within the squad is quite big, and that grows year on year, so would obviously be a special achievement. We know how gruelling World Cups can be and how hard they can be, not only to go through to latter stages but how gruelling group stage games are and the ebb and flow of a tournament, as well,” added Morgan.


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